Funny Blueprint Bluepers!

Blueprint Bluepers is dedicated to delivering original construction cartoons, construction humor, construction stories and funny construction drawing errors.

Nigro Firm logoThe Blueprint Bluepers web site is published by the Nigro Firm, a company that provides construction document redicheck review services for architects, contractors, owners and investors, preconstruction service companies or any other involved party that wants to raise a building fast and under budget.

Construction Cartoons

Blueprint Bluepers: Construction cartoon showing a unintentional roof poolOften times, the errors, omissions and discrepancies discovered by a redicheck review in construction drawings are good kindling for some hot construction cartoon ideas. Our cartoons begin with an error and evolve into amusing construction cartoons that everyone in the industry can relate to.

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Construction Humor

Blueprint Bluepers: Construction drawing error where the dishwashing system flow direction is reversedOur construction humor pages include weird wacky words, comical typos and amusing anecdotes, tales and spiels. Our construction stories are lifted directly from real errors in the drawings and specifications that we have discovered in our KeenLook redicheck review process. But don't worry, we don't tattle and you will never know who's drawings we pulled them from.

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Laugh with Us

Why not? Working in the construction industry can be stressful... you have to manage deadlines, subcontractors, change orders, RFI's, owners who change their minds and other uncontrollable situations, that start to control you. But laughter helps lower mental stress, may lower your blood sugar, promotes normal blood flow, helps the immune system and lowers anxiety, so not only is laughing dang fun, it is occupational therapy.