Our Construction Cartoons

Our construction cartoons have been in the works for years...and now we finally have created a place to share them! Redicheck reviewing construction documents for errors, omissions and discrepancies has provided us with a wealth of construction related cartoon ideas and amusing insights that we enjoy sharing.

Featured Construction Cartoon:
Too Close for Comfort

"Ok, Spike, I don’t like you that much! Let’s flip a coin to see who goes first."

Blueprint Bluepers: Construction cartoon showing corner urinals.

Real Deal: Although not technically a variance, there appeared to be a conflict. The placement of the urinals seemed a little too close for comfort.

Artist: Chaise Payan

Our Featured Artist: Chaise Payan

We have worked with a few artists through the years and they have added their own unique way of relating construction document errors that is always entertaining, enlightening and sometimes... even hysterically frightening.

Chaise Payan, who has created our newest Blueprint Blueper cartoons, is a young graphic artist that is sure to have a fun, challenging career ahead of him. The cartoons he has created for us are loaded with tiny details that make the cartoons relate a lot about a construction error in a single panel.

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About Artist's Sketches

We asked for Chaise's sketches, thinking that they might provide us with some interesting imagery for this site and we were surprised at what we received. The sketches are extremely compelling and provide a window into the artist's thought processes when it comes to creating a new cartoon. We thought you might be interested as well, so we published them here and will publish more in the future, since they are lots of fun.

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cartoon of laughing personWe would love for you to share our cartoons, just make sure you include the entire cartoon with attributions/credits. And please do not sell them or alter them in any way.


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